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Book Review: “The Pilgrim’s Progress”

Rating: 8.9 out of 10.0

Author: John Bunyan

Genre: Fiction [Classic Literature]

About: Since its publication in 1678, The Pilgrim’s Progress has gone through thousands of editions and versions. Bunyan himself did several of these revisions, including the addition of the entire second part. It has been called “the greatest allegory ever written.” Its appeal sweeps across the scopes of age, intellect, and education. Children read it for the excitement of the story; eager believers are challenged and trained by its invaluable teaching; Bible students and scholars alike read it for its depth of doctrine.

Likes: This is one of the best books in print. Bunyan’s characters each embody some characteristic, making them some of the most relatable characters in any book. The journey that Christian makes is one that each follower of Christ must make. Christian struggles with the exact same things that we struggle with. These things make Bunyan’s characters feel like real people who fail and by the grace of God can get back up to their feet.

Dislikes: There was not much to dislike about this novel. After several chapters, it can get slightly redundant and sometimes Christian is not the smartest person. Also, if read in the old English, it can be difficult to understand, so for younger readers it is suggested to read a copy that is translated into modern English.

Summary- Christian leaves his family and wretched city to journey to the Celestial City, where his Lord and Savior resides. He faces many hardships along the way, but in the strength of God he overcomes them. In the second half of the book, Christian’s family makes the journey, and they all meet at the Celestial City and Christian is together with both his family and his Savior.

Length: 431 pages (Pure Gold Classics- The Pilgrims Progress in Modern English)

Favorite Character: The Pilgrim Faith

Suggested age: 10+


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