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Book Review: “The Time Machine”

Rating: 6.3 out of 10.

Author: H.G. Well

Genre: Science Fiction [Classic Literature]

About: In 1888, Wells founded a periodical called The Science Schools Journal, for which he wrote a serial account of the future of humankind and the Earth, “The Chronic Argonauts”. In 1894, Wells serialized “The Chronic Argonauts” for a periodical called National Observer. W.E. Henley, who owned National Observer proceeded to found a periodical called The New Review, which was aimed at a broader audience. Henley asked Wells to serialize “The Chronic Argonauts” for this new periodical. The result was a book, slightly abridged from “The Chronic Argonauts” entitled The Time Machine.

Likes: Wells presents a feasible theory of how to make time travel possible as well as presents a humorous yet not unlikely futuristic world. The book is very philosophical, which can be a great thing, and in this book, I think that it is helpful. That’s really all that there was to like about this book.

Dislikes: Honestly, I did not like this book and I think that it is over-hyped in classic literature circles. There is only one character and he is not a very interesting one. This book had a great idea, but it was poorly executed. The philosophical portion of this was both dominant and flawed. H.G. Wells is coming at things from an evolutionary perspective, which makes his theorizing (in this book, at least) very flawed. Altogether, this book was a major disappointment and I would not recommend it to younger readers (or perhaps any readers)

Summary: In a future hundreds of thousands of years hence, a time traveler discovers a world that is a travesty of contemporary civilization. He must then attempt to rescue his precious time machine from the savage futuristic creatures and return to the era that he belongs in.

Book Length: 64 pages (Fall River Classics)

Favorite Character: The Time Traveler

Suggested age: 15+

If you liked this, check out: Out of the Silent Planet [C.S. Lewis] or The Island of Dr. Moreau [H.G. Wells]

Book Reviews to come: Disciplines of a Godly Man (R. Kent Hughes) and The Road to Oz (R. Kent Hughes)


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