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Book Review: “The Anxious Christian”

The Anxious Christian by Rhett Smith views anxiety as a catalyst by which God works in the life of a Christian. As the author states…

Anxiety is a part of our lives, but we don’t have to let it keep us living in a prison of fear or retreating in shame. We have the opportunity to look it square in the face and allow God to use it to transform our lives.

Rhett Smith has impressive credentials, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a Master of Divinity, a Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy, and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Yet under all of these things…he is human. He is real. And he is also a stutterer. What makes this book so effective is that Smith is real about himself, about his struggles, about anxiety, but most importantly he is real about God.

This book is ideal for those particularly struggling with anxiety. Smith even includes an entire appendix at the end of the book for how to get some practical help if you are struggling with anxiety. As far as books for those who wrestle with anxiety go, this book is solid gold. A gem too often overlooked because it is from the lesser-known Moody Publishers.

For those who may not label themselves as struggling with anxiety but may still be feeling varying levels of uncertainty and some anxiety, this book is also very helpful. If you are making a big decision in life or are in a time where you are unsure as to where the Lord is leading, I would recommend this book a thousand times over. It is probably the greatest resource outside of the Bible that I could currently direct you to.

However, if you are a parent, spouse, friend, sibling, child, or otherwise related to someone who struggles with anxiety, this is not the book for you. I have no doubt that there are many other great resources out there for you, but I would tell you to avoid this one. Rhett Smith outlines his own personal struggle with anxiety and God’s purpose for anxiety, but it is meant to be heard by one who wrestles with anxiety themselves.

Overall, this book tore to shreds my views on anxiety. It challenged me in a thousand ways and has influenced me over the past few weeks in a way that I never expected it to when I picked it up off the shelf.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an impartial review.


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